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the island of conclusions

Fanservice in S5?

the island of conclusions

bright star

Fanservice in S5?

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bright star
This poll is inspired by all  the  amazing fanservice we got in S4: laundry; pool hustling; shoulder re-location and self-stitching; sleeping in the Impala--twice!

What will we get next?

Poll #1402897 S5 Fanservice

Which wonderful staples of fanfic will we see onscreen in S5? (that's gen fanfic, people!)

Grocery shopping
Cooking real food in a real kitchen
Forehead feeling
Sam rooting around in Dean's pockets for the Impala keys because Dean's too busted up to drive
Bed sharing

  • (no subject) - a_starfish
    • Oooh, good one. There are so many occasions where it's necessary to share body heat, I'm surprised it hasn't happened already! (*g*) It will in S5, though, I'm sure (*G*)
  • So many great choices but I really had to go with Sam rooting around for Dean's keys because I have seen this mentioned several times as a "fanfic staple" and yet I have yet to actually READ any fanfics that feature key-rooting and I would very, very much like to SEE Sam feeling up a barely conscious and aesthetically bloody Dean for his car keys.

    Next on my list would be bed sharing but given Kripke & Co's sophisticated level of humor, they'd wind up playing the bed sharing for laughs and this particular fanfic staple is far too dear to me for that.
    • Key-rooting would be extremely pleasing to see. And totally plausible in many situations. I can really see it happening on TV next season! *g*

      (I rooted around (har har) for a fic that gives us key-rooting: here in a story by pdragon76, an author I really love --it happens about half-way through)

      And you're right: I probably shouldn't have tempted fate by putting bed sharing on here--they would probably ruin it!
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