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the island of conclusions

H50 1.23

the island of conclusions

bright star

H50 1.23

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Okay, I'm just gonna come out and say it--

I know I should be feeling sympathy for poor jealous!crestfallen!Steve, who clearly thought he was going to be the one cuddling and spooning in Danny's hospital bed. And I do, I do. But I was undone, undone I say, by the cuteness and chemistry of Danny/Rachel. They've always been adorable together, and give a real sense of having known each other for a long time, and tonight just...well, undone am I.

Which makes me wonder about what's going to happen next week....

Also undone by the unexpected cuteness of Agent Kaye. She seems to have developed an appealing half dorky/ half incisive personality since last time we saw her. It's also damn appealing that she doesn't seem to be in the ranks of the super-buff :)

Or, perhaps just distracted by the record amount of tackling and jumping and chasing and smacking people in the face with garbage can lids. I'm a sucker for that stuff.

And Sang Min! y'all know I have an it's-so-wrong-I-can't-help-it thing for him, right? Him and his evil hair.

Oh and Grace and her Uncle Steve? That scene had me almost sniffling.

The h/c junkie in me was hoping for more life-or-death stuff with Danny, but laid-out, exhausted Danny was pretty adorable too.

I am such a softy, huh?

ETA: I forgot to mention how much I'm enjoying the Steve-Chin dynamic we've had in the last couple of episodes (along with the Chin-Kono stuff that's always been there): supportive, protective, intriguing!

  • I agree! Danny and Rachel are adorable together, and at the same time we got wild amounts of heart-eyes between Steve and Danny, so it's all good. And the crisis followed by mellow h/c is right up my alley.
    • It is all good! I'd be happy to go OT3 Steve/Danny/Rachel in a White Collar kind of way ;)

      And I'm with you on loving the mellow h/c!

      Also, this week and last I got a kind of Steve/Chin vibe for the first time, so that's intriguing!
  • I agree with everything you said! lol
  • I'll admit, I'm more on the "poor, traumatized Steve" side. And later, when the "back together" falls through -- poor, traumatized Grace. I can't see H50 going the "good marriage and good friend" route -- they're all about mining for the angst.

    Although they sure didn't keep Danny down long. I was like, What? GRACE, DON'T TOUCH HIM!
    • Steve was so sweet and anguished and solicitous through the whole episode (and out of breath--I loved that he was short of breath after that first chase), one just wanted to hold him and pet him and his eyes of love....

      I have no doubt they're going to mine the angst--which? *meep*

      I'm sure they put Danny in one of those decontamination showers--don't you think?
  • Yep on the same page on all counts.

    The only thing that bothered me was how easily the whole Chin/money/IA thing seemed to be resolved. Unless they come back to it next week and Chin does something else noble and desperately stupid.
  • Sang Min's evil hair is the best! (Evilest?)
  • Or, perhaps just distracted by the record amount of tackling and jumping and chasing and smacking people in the face with garbage can lids. I'm a sucker for that stuff.

    I'm always spoiled by the amount of running, jumping, tackling and smacking in the show \o/
  • hee, I totally have a thing for Sang Min and his evil hair flopping around as he's chased by Five-0.

    Too much of an OTP-er to be very interested in a S/D/R thing. At least yet. They kind of sprung that on us.

    I missed "Uncle Steve"!

    I wasn't surprised they quickly moved on from hurt!Danny.
    I really like Steve and Chin together.
  • Yes to everything!
  • I love Danny and Rachel together, too. This show has an endless menu of options! :D
    • This show has an endless menu of options!

      it really does! It's that rare show where I can honestly say I'm prepared to ship anybody with anybody :)
  • Heeee, yes, what you said. Although I didn't feel bad for Steve, too busy gleeing over how Danny/Rachel, Steve/Danny that moment was.

    Hugginnnnnggggg. \o/
    • It's true--the episode was so overflowing with love that there seemed more than enough to go around--so many beautiful hugs (and I kind liked how everybody was asking for hugs and kisses--so upfront about their love :))
  • I'm just going to nod emphatically at all of this. I am torn on the Danny/Rachel because I think they're super adorable together and I really do like them, but when I put on my slash goggles my heart breaks. So I'm torn between squeeing and :(((((

    I have a feeling the D/R is going to end badly though. :/
    • Yeah, I know what you mean...It seems possible to me that we could get used to D/S/R--in a White Collar kind of way. But I also have a feeling the D/R is going to end badly..or sadly...*meep*
  • (no subject) -
    • so right! their interaction was great in the ep.--especially Jenna's admiration for Kono's wicked wizard moves over the magic table.

      I read a great Kono/Jenna fic the other day--here--and I don't even usually like femslash all that much!

      hee! I don't know from The Chairman, but they are both dudes I'd like to see more of ;)
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