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the island of conclusions

A blue macaw, sometimes (and a couple of recs)

the island of conclusions

bright star

A blue macaw, sometimes (and a couple of recs)

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So there was some talk of the boys and I going to see Thor on Sunday, but in the end we went to see the G-rated Rio, which is about a blue macaw boy chick stolen from the Brazilian rainforest, and reared by a bookstore owner in Minnesota, who is then brought back to Brazil to mate with a girl macaw (to preserve the species, you know!). Adventures ensue, and Blu, the boy macaw, who never learned to fly in Minnesota, eventually finds his wings through love. As one does.

It wasn't the best plotted animated movie I've ever seen, though pretty to look at, what with the tropical birds and all. Still, we found it endearing because it reminded us of our pet Cockatiel, Gerry, who also had a hard time learning to fly (and still doesn't do it right)--though he was hand-raised in North Raleigh, rather than being snatched up by the illegal bird trade.

The funniest thing about the movie is that Blu, the boy macaw, is voiced by Jesse Eisenberg, so I kept imagining a different movie in which Jewel, the girl macaw dumps him, and he goes off in a huff to invent "BeakBook" in revenge. But birds apparently don't get hung up on those sorts of things, so Blu and Jewel flew off into the Brazilian nature reserve to make babies instead.

It also reminded me of this awesome Sherlock bird!fic I read recently. I am not much for pet stories, but, obviously, I have a big soft spot for birds, and this story works like a charm. Even if birds aren't your thing, it's still a wonderful John-Sherlock-Lestrade friendship fic.

The Case of the Unexpected Guest by [profile] thirdbird_fic

Also, let me draw your attention to the fantastic Five Acts fill brighteyed_jill wrote for me--the acts are fever, touch and dancing, and it's John/Sherlock (gen)--do I really need to say anything more?
  • Did you read the Good Omens-Sherlock crossover where John and Sherlock are ducks? HILARIOUS.

    I'm trying to find the link, can't believe I didn't bookmark it.

    Edited at 2011-05-11 04:33 pm (UTC)
  • Oh, hey, thanks for the rec! And HA, I took my kids to see Rio on Sunday, too! *high-fives* I somehow missed hearing that bird-smuggling was a plot point in that movie until we actually saw it, and then I was all OH GRATE, EVERYONE THINKS I TOOK THAT IDEA FROM A CHILDREN'S FILM PROBABLY. But, anyway, yes, I love your BeakBook idea, that is awesome. There should definitely be Rio fic with this premise.

    Also, monkeys vs. birds gang war = \o/
    • you're very welcome--the story has really stayed with me!

      lol! *fist bump of maternal solidarity* My violence-loving five-year-old was pining a bit for Thor's hammer--but he was consoled by the bird-monkey smack down :)

      and, nah, everyone will think the movie got the idea from you!
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