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the island of conclusions

Camelot 1.06

the island of conclusions

bright star

Camelot 1.06

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bright star
The strangest thing about Camelot this week was that the episode was made up of three stories, and I actually found one of them genuinely enjoyable and interesting. Still bizarre, of course, but kind of touching for all that.

Let’s take that one first, shall we?

Merlin summons Kay, Leontes and Gawain off the front lines of territory-claiming or nation-building or whatever it is they do in Camelot all day. Why, you ask? Because they need to go to Kay’s parents’ house/estate and retrieve the apparently fabulous library that Kay’s father(Ector?) collected there. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Don’t ask, just know that right now books are more important to the realm than border defense or diplomacy or anything like that. According to Merlin, anyway.

They all believe him, and ride off straight away.

Now, you can say what you like about Camelot, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of Arthuriana that takes Arthur’s mission to preserve classical learning and the intellectual legacy of Rome through the coming Dark Ages so seriously. It’s ridiculous and touching at the same time.

The four men have various adventures, and a running argument about whether Merlin should start using his magical powers for the good of the kingdom or not. Leontes thinks he’s (like) an angel; Gawain thinks he’s like a warrior who needs to learn to use deadly force in a strategic manner; Merlin describes himself as an addict, who can’t touch his magic because he’ll be swept away by it.

And I think: magic as addiction—that’s kind of interesting!

Anyway, when they get to the estate, it’s been ransacked, and the books are nowhere to be seen. Everyone is very sad and disheartened. But then Kay, who continues to be the sweetest guy ever, has this dream/memory about his father reading Cicero to wee!Kay and wee!Arthur (see? touching!), and then follows the figures from his dream outside to a storeroom/bunker thing he’d forgotten about. And there are the books! The four buff, strapped, heavily armed guys all stand around rapturously unpacking and caressing the books for a while (I am sniffling a little bit here, because, books! being treasured!) before stuffing them in their saddlebags and riding back to Camelot.

And Merlin starts to use his powers a bit (maybe even to produce Kay’s dream), so, hmnn….

Okay—onto the less respectable storylines.

Arthur is back to his scraggly hair of callowness, and this leads him to do inexplicable things—such as accompany Guinevere (just the two of them) on what seems to be a three-day jaunt to see her father before he dies. Because the last thing you’d want to do when you’re a newly-crowned king is stick around your castle dispensing justice, or planning strategy or stuff like that. Especially when your three best knights have buggered off with your chief wizard.

But I guess Igraine must be pretty good at all that stuff, because everything is still standing when they get back.

The only other thing of value we learned from this storyline is that Guinevere has a knife stashed in her boot. She also looks awesome when she’s wet—but we knew that already.

Meanwhile, at the Castle of Fiendish Femininity, someone arrives to accuse Sybil the Sinister Sister of sacrificing virgins to the Old Gods. In her convent. Overseas. Yes, I’m as shocked as you are. She seemed so innocent. Morgan pretends to be upset by this information for a while before doing her usual thing. In front of an audience of cheering peasants, she grabs Sybil’s hand and sticks it into a roaring fire. Then, while Sybil writhes in agony on the floor, she tells her accuser, “there, there is your retribution.” Because doling out pain in public is basically Morgan’s theory of government.

But all through the episode, I kept thinking, Girl, enough of these hijinks, Camelot has been sitting basically empty for days—all you have to do is stroll over and claim it, let possession being nine-tenths of the law work for you, and you’ll be queen, just like that.

But does she listen to me? No, she does not. She does have an interesting new hairstyle, however.

In other news, there does seem to be a tiny little fandom for the show (user name=camelot_fic site=livejournal.com) and even a kinkmeme (user name=kinkme_camelot site=livejournal.com) that actually has some nifty prompts.

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