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the island of conclusions

heads up: Multi-fandom fever fic comment meme coming tomorrow!

the island of conclusions

bright star

heads up: Multi-fandom fever fic comment meme coming tomorrow!

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bright star
I'm going to put up a real prompting post tomorrow, but just giving you a heads up, because a) I am so excited! and b) just to start the prompting and fic-writing wheels turning in your heads.

Starts tomorrow, 5/20/11, to run as long as people are still filling prompts. Hosted by ariadnes_string.

Beautiful banner by norgbelulah -- and she's made a whole bunch more that you can find here . Take one and spread the word!

See y'all tomorrow!
  • I am away for the weekend, but I am taking my laptop and will feverishly ( heh) plan out requests and fills because YES!! One of my most bulletproof kinks EVAH.

    Oh Dean. Oh Sam. You have no idea the heights I am going to take your body temps to...

    Thank you, darlin'. Cannot wait.

    • Yay! My most bulletproof kink too! So, I thought, why not give the kink a meme??

      That's why I wanted to post a heads up, in case people were going away--I'm happy to post any prompts you want for you, if that helps.

      and I can't wait to see what you're going to do to Sam and Dean ;D
      • If I have time this evening, I might take you up on your kind offer - thanks!! Internet service will be a tad patchy where we're going.
        • eee! your icon!

          happy to--just PM or email them to me, and I'll put them up as being from you :)

          happy travels!
  • Yay! I will move that banner post up to today's date to help pimp on my f-list. :D
  • Hmmm, it just so happens I'll probably be spending a few hours waiting for the cable guy tomorrow. ;)
  • \o/ Yippee!
    I just started a long weekend your timing couldn't be better!
  • GAH! Want! It's kind of ridiculous how excited I was to see this. Hmm, who have I not inflicted a raging fever on yet...?
    • Hmm, who have I not inflicted a raging fever on yet...?
      lol--my thoughts exactly!

      and yay! I was hoping you'd have time to play! I'm gonna come up with a Lestrade prompt just for you!

      thanks for spreading the word!

  • This is about the best idea I've ever seen. I am SO in. :D!!!!!!!
  • May I just say how happy I am to see this?

    Thank you for such a brilliant plan! Looking forward to prompts and fills....If I weren't in what appears to be a perpetual loss of muse, I would love to join in.
    • Yay! I was hoping it would make people happy! If even a quarter of the prompts that are up already are filled, I will be very, very, happy!

      Take a look--who knows, maybe something will show up that will lure your muse home :)
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