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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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That's a quote from the hysterical text battle John and Sherlock have in travels_in_time's wonderful fill for the prompt A wet day in December. Sherlock and John curled up in 221b with horrible colds, trying to decide who has to go and get medicine.

But it's also kind of the way I feel after spending a lot of the weekend reading so much fabulous fever!fic on Running Hot. Thanks everyone for the amazing prompts and fills!

I was kind of worried that no one would come prompt--or that all the prompts would be SPN and H50, but, whoa, way to put the multi in multifandom, folks! There are prompts now for (in no particular order):

H50, SPN, Sherlock, Justified, Generation Kill
Castle, The L Word, The Office, The Eagle, White Collar
Star Trek, Firefly, Dr. Who, The Pacific, SGA, SGU
Haven, Sanctuary, Camelot, Southland, Merlin
The Three Musketeers, Hot Fuzz, The Social Network
J2, Hornblower, The Professionals and Prison Break

and probably a few more I've missed!

And then I was worried no one would write anything. But: sixteen fills and counting: SPN (4); H50 (3); White Collar (3); Generation Kill (2); Justified (1); The L Word (1); Star Trek XI (1); Sherlock (1).
Links to all the fills are here for now, but I will try to put up a tidier master post in the next day or so.

Come prompt/write/read if you haven't yet!!
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