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the island of conclusions

Running Hot: not just a 24-hour thing.

the island of conclusions

bright star

Running Hot: not just a 24-hour thing.

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Jane Eyre

Just a long weekend meme PSA. Prompting and prompt filling are still very much open at Running Hot. I think four fills came in yesterday.

Take another looks at the Masterlist, too! Fills came in this week for Dr. Who, The Professionals, Magnificent Seven, SGA and Human Target, as well as more for Sherlock, White Collar, H50 and SPN.

And there are prompts up for more fandoms than I can remember, including Chuck, Merlin, Camelot, Leverage, Prison Break and Castle.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, folks!

(gorgeous banners, as always, by [personal profile] norgbelulah)
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