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the island of conclusions

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the island of conclusions

bright star

drive by link

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bright star
for all you past, present or future grad students out there--and those who love them :)

Does it help to know that the guy is now researching a malaria vaccine?

The good thing about a couple of days of 102 degree weather? When a few drops of rain bring the temperature down to 92, it feels positively autumnal.
  • it's a long time since I was a graduate student, but I still fell about laughing at this vid - thank you for the link! I particularly like the unexpected cameo from the advisor...
    • Me too, on both counts! I particularly liked the "third degree" thing. These days, I kind of am the advisor with a whip person, for better or worse...
  • *snickers quietly* That vid is hysterical! That hasn't been my experience with grad school at all, of course. I'm in a cohort, and I work full time so there's no question about stipends and publishing and TA etc. But still, it's funny, and also, I own that "funny book" they mention. (It was useless.)

    Now I feel like I will never have a full appreciation of being a grad student! *g*
    • hee! the full appreciation thing is not something you should regret. I went to grad school right out of college, when I had no concept of things like regular paychecks and respect, so I didn't experience it as particularly miserable. Still, since I still spend a good part of my life dealing w/ grad students, I thought it was pretty on-target.

      (I think the guy wrote that funny book...)
  • I am literally crying with laughter. Now to email it to my ex-advisor, or at least post it on Facebook....

    Grants on the ground! Grants on the ground! Looking like a fool with your grants on the ground!
  • Have you seen the PHD trailer? http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=1433
    • Yeah, that is to say, I was going to leave a comment about how this is so funny (kinda reminds me of white 'n nerdy!) and wanting to ask you how it's going over there with the heat wave and linking you to the other vid... and it seems I just copypastedposted. oops.
      • lol--it's okay! glad you enjoyed it. The heat has been pretty oppressive, but not as bad for us as for those places up north where people aren't used to it. Everywhere is air conditioned here, and people long ago made their peace with sweat. I was at the Farmers' Market Sat. morning--95 in the shade at 10am--and it was jammed.
    • hee! I hadn't seen that--thanks for the link!
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