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the island of conclusions

Watch-ery: Suits, White Collar, and Birds

the island of conclusions

bright star

Watch-ery: Suits, White Collar, and Birds

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Suits 1x06

I had all these UST plot bunnies for this show, but after this episode I’m forced to admit that the U and the T have gone missing, and what we’re left with is quite a lot of straight-up S. Only not so straight.

Things we have learned this season (that have nothing to do with the plot):

Harvey is just itching to mix things up, isn’t he? He was so ready to get into a fistfight after the car accident last week, and again with the trading floor manager guy. For a guy who makes his living with words, he is surprisingly willing to go mano-a-mano. Just saying.

Mike is equally willing to take one for the team in the form of mind-altering substances. There have only been six episodes so far, and already he’s gotten high at Louis’s request, and drunk at Harvey’s (well, I don’t think Harvey wanted him to actually get drunk, but you know what I mean).

The fic practically writes itself, doesn’t it?

Also, I hate to be the kind of person who brings this up (except that I am exactly the kind of person who brings this up, as you all know), but do we think Harvey is Jewish? I mean, if Arlen Specter is Jewish, wouldn’t Harvey Spector be? Or does the ‘o’ make a difference? I severely doubt that Harvey’s religion or lack thereof will ever be a plot point, but someone made an interesting comment the other day about the way we always assume characters are Christian by default.* An assumption that doesn't really work with New York lawyers. (I also know as many Jewish Rosses as gentile ones, but we’ll leave that for another time).

*but if it were to be a plot point, it would be kind of cool to see a kind of Crimes and Misdemeanors fic, where someone from the side of Harvey’s family that’s less friendly with the law showed up and asked him to do them a little favor :)

Contributing to my ability to see the enormous neon ‘S’ in Suits, [personal profile] linaerys’s deliciously hot fic, Toys: Harvey gives Mike a take-home assignment. (NC-17). She writes the dynamic between them perfectly!

I also like this vid by linnyrivera

White Collar 3xI don’t know anymore

Gosh. You really stop thinking about what a light touch White Collar usually has until it throws out a gut-puncher of a scene like the one at the end of this episode. What a time to unveil a set for the Burkes' bedroom, huh? I was so upset by the idea of Neal breaking into their house. And then Neal sitting on their bed, talking (lying) to Peter on the phone? It was heart-breaking in ways I can’t quite articulate. Peter and Neal are a couple (whether you slash them or not) who love each other so much and yet continually do unforgivable things to each other.

Also, Jones is awesome. That is all.

And the other thing I have been watching is this quirky little camera on a kind of birdfeeder in the Amazon rainforest. Watch it rain! Watch tropical birds eat bananas!
  • Thanks for the rec!

    And awesome vid. I don't think I'd realized how much they touch each other. Who am I kidding, I love these guys. *facepalm*

    It would be interesting if one or both of them were Jewish, and in New York, that firm would be at least half Jewish.
    • You're very welcome! Thanks for opening up the hotness of the pairing (as it were ;))

      in New York, that firm would be at least half Jewish.
      IKR? It doesn't seem like the kind of show where it would ever come up, but you never know. Maybe I'll put it on my list of purimgifts requests.
  • That ending on WC was absolutely painful in the quietest way. I'm convinced that, in his true heart, Neal doesn't want to leave and doesn't want to do half the secretive shit he's doing. He's just not sure how to be the person who stays.
    • I'm convinced that, in his true heart, Neal doesn't want to leave and doesn't want to do half the secretive shit he's doing. He's just not sure how to be the person who stays.
      Oh man, me too! I don't know what it is, but I find Neal more affecting than ever this season, even as he's doing such unforgivable things. Why is that? Hats off to Matt Bomer, in any case.
  • Yeah, after this Suits episode, how can you really not see it in some way?

    Mike is just so EARNEST and Harvey... I really like the more human quirky side we are seeing of him. I like that he has a temper, I like that he and Jessica quote Top Gun ALL THE TIME. I really like that he can be just as idealistic as Mike, but he's just SNEAKY about it.

    Basically, I am developing a BIG crush on Gabriel Macht which I was... not expecting.

    The only thing I want from this show now is more of Mike's Grandma. <3

    And also, like an obscene amount of well-done h/c fic. *is shameless*

    Oh, and a Suits icon.
    • ha--I finally found an icon I like!

      Perhaps it was casual!Harvey that did you in? I think that did it for me--but he does grow on you--with his temper, and his need to put things right.

      • Oh man, that icon is actually really awesome.


        And he's definitely growing on me. So much I think I'm going to troll some icon posts. Did you find any good ones in your search?
  • I love Suits. It took me until episode 3 to get into it, but now I'm hooked!
    • There's something so appealing about it, isn't there? I was resisting watching it, but then I sat down and watched the first four episodes straight through--and now I can't wait for more.
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