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the island of conclusions

Suits 1x09: "Undefeated" + recs

the island of conclusions

bright star

Suits 1x09: "Undefeated" + recs

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So this was an enjoyable episode, filled with lots of Harvey/Mike byplay (though I thought the Rachel plot was kind of stupid).

I was particularly fascinated by the semiotics of high school sports:


Which one could have (and did) call. He's too short to play basketball, too slight to play football, and probably didn't go to a school ritzy enough to have a lacrosse team--hockey is too pugnacious and swimming too solitary. But of course he was an athlete.

Mike=Wrestling. Though in terms of body type he's the least likely wrestler ever. What did he do, take people down with his elastic-boy arms? A mathalete seems more likely.

Unless we think this weird throwaway about Mike's past--like his announcement last week that he'd had a difficult relationship with his father--is a lie. *throws up hands*

Travis Tanner=Tennis.

Which he continued at Yale. "Tennis at Yale" seemed like code for "evil." Don't get me started on this.

And, okay, aside from that, I felt like the show was conducting an experiment on how long you can keep a show going with characters who are sexy and fun to watch but not really loveable. I'm starting to feel like I need to know the reasons why Harvey and Mike are the way they are--what's really at stake for them?

That weird little story about Harvey and the High School championships was so annoying. Is it just a personality trait? Or did he miss the college scouts because he wasn't at the final, and so didn't get the scholarship he'd been counting on, ended up going to community college and then running away to NYC to work in the mail room? Why didn't he go to law school under his own power in the first place, since he's clearly bright enough? They do have these things called scholarships and loans, y'know? Did he lack self-belief? Was he a fuck-up, an addict?

Just--I need more, folks.

But it took 11 episodes for me to upgrade Steve McGarrett from "flinty-eyed lummox" to "soulful flinty-eyed lummox, so I guess they have two more to go.

I haven't been reading all that much in the fandom, but I have stumbled across some good fic:

Can I Have It In Writing? by entangled_now "Writing on the Body" (Harvey/Mike PG-13)

and, since I know some of you like h/c as much as I do: No Florence Nightingale by zinfic (Harvey, Louis, gen).

Also, I've added Wolf Hall to my pile of unread books, since my rarely-attended book group is reading it. Has anybody read it? I read the first 20pp and enjoyed them, but then realized that no way was I going to read 600 non-work pages before the end of Sept., so got the audiobook to listen to in the car.
  • I've been flirting with reading Wolf Hall but two writing tics have been keeping me from buying it:

    1. It is in present tense. That makes me crazy in historical fiction, which I know is silly because I am currently writing a historical AU in present tense. IDK, I don't like it in non fanfic, especially historical non fanfic.

    2. Pronoun confusion. "He" is always Cromwell, except when it's not.

    I've heard great things about it, though.

    And I agree with you about not really liking the Suits characters much. But apparently I don't have to like them to want them to have lots of sex and get married. I might have to like them to keep watching the show, though.

    The Mike wrestling/Rachel flirting conversation was so weird and badly written. I'm thrilled that Harvey played baseball and I think it works perfectly for him, but I'm gonna leave that wrestling thing alone.
    • I hate those things too! I couldn't believe it when I opened the book and saw it was in present tense. Why? Why? But, I figured that I made it all the way through The Yiddish Policemans' Union which is also in present tense, so I should give it a try.

      And the pronoun thing is annoying.

      Other than that, I like the way it's written a lot, though--very nice character work. We'll see what it's like to listen to--

      And I like the Suits characters--I just don't feel like I'm engaged in their struggles, if you know what I mean--why are they doing what they do? Why should I care? Do you need that in a TV show? IDK. Maybe it's one of those things were the fic will be more satisfying (as in your historical AU :))

      That was a crap conversation, you're right. I'll just pretend Mike was on the cross country team and the debate team.
      • Huh, I have Wolf Hall sitting in my stack of to-read books, but I haven't started it yet. I'll be curious to hear more of your thoughts as you continue to read/listen to it. I also have to admit that I'm pretty curious about the listening aspect because I think listening to a book is quite a different experience (and not entirely one dependent upon the person reading the book aloud).

        That's an interesting point about the Suits characters and sports. Are the characters both from the East Coast? I ask because I'd argue that there's a regional component to the semiotics of sport as well as a class (and/or racial and gendered) component to it.

        For what it's worth, cross-country suits Mike better to my mind.

        (I've watched the first couple of episodes of The Devil's Whore. Quite entertaining, though I'm not sure Messrs. Fassbender and West have left much scenery intact or unchewed. I'm not complaining, mind. I do like them both and seeing Dominic West does make me interested in watching The Hour.)
    • Hey lady,

      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that the earth did not move too much.
      • Yes, everything's fine--thanks!

        I was sitting at my dining room table writing and the floor started to shake. Then things started clinking and banging outside so I thought it was a truck. But when I looked outside, there was no truck!

        I thought it was an earthquake but some kind of minor tremor--didn't realize until later in the afternoon that it had been a big deal.

        The boys were down in Chapel Hill and didn't feel anything (though their whole lives are tiny earthquakes, so...)

        Very weird--I didn't even know there could be earthquakes around here.
    • I agree about listening to a book being a really different experience. I tend to try and listen to things I've read before, in case I get caught in something complicated when I'm driving and lose track--so this isn't ideal--I'm sure I'll miss stuff. And I don't love this reader--I keep thinking, "that's not how that sentence would sound at all."

      But, present tense thing aside, I'm really enjoying it so far--even in the car--the character portrayal is very sharp.

      I think both guys are from the East Coast--Mike almost definitely from NY/Brooklyn, though he doesn't act it. I agree that sports are very regional--playing lacrosse around here isn't nearly as snooty as it would seem other places, for instance, same with tennis--and my brother tells me that all the kids in LA want to play Water Polo--which is unheard of here.

      Mike is certainly built like a x-country runner--

      and hee! There should be a verb for that kind of scenery chewing: fassbendering. I found it entertaining (and pretty) though coherent it's not!

      Just googled The Hour--that sounds excellent! I will have to put it on my list.
  • I've tried to read Wolf Hall. It has a strange style that I can't seem to get used to. I think I've read about 100 pages.

    I enjoyed that entangled_now fic too.
    • The style is strange, I agree--partly it's that present tense thing. I read about 20pp, and now I'll listen to the rest in the car, I think. Not ideal, but then it's not ideal that I have a greater chance of spending 24 hrs driving around this month than of sitting on the couch reading....

      I'm glad you liked the fic! I really love her writing--I feel like I learned a lot about writing non-sex kink from reading her stuff.
      • non-sex kink I think that's one of things I liked about it, since I don't really ship them, but I like their relationship. The dialogue was really good and the situation was undeniably sexual, but no actual sex happened and that was fine with me.

        I think I'd prefer to hear that book read, actually.
        • That's one of the things I liked about it too--it's kind of a specialty of hers, I think. Plus, reading some non-sex kink fic by her and a few other writers really changed my perspective on writing porn. In my weirdly naive way I thought if I was going to write sex it would have to be enthusiastic, energetic sex--full-body contact, mutual orgasm, penetration a plus. And it turns out that I suck at writing things like that :(

          It turns out I have a much easier time writing kink--highly charged situations that might proceed very slowly, and not end in any kind of mutual climax. Which maybe I should have known, since what is h/c but no sex kink? Anyway, writing has been much more fun since then :)

          Oh yeah, and there are definitely books like that--I can barely stand to read either Dickens or JK Rowling, but I love listening to both...

          Edited at 2011-08-24 03:14 am (UTC)
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