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the island of conclusions

Happy Birthday, Mary Shelley!

the island of conclusions

bright star

Happy Birthday, Mary Shelley!

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mary shelley
Born August 30, 1797

Who thought this up when she was just 18:

And went on to write six more novels and to survive her husband and three of her four children before dying in 1851.

"We think back through our mothers if we are women."
Virginia Woolf, "A Room of One's Own."
  • Oh, Mary. I was tutoring a girl and she had to prepare for a test about Bysshe, and all it said in her school book about her was that she'd had kids and married him, and that for a period they lived with their friend Byron in Italy.

    Me: O_o

    Girl: ?

    Me: No, no, no! Mary Shelley was a writer! Her work is much more famous, and more widely read than anything both Bysshe or Lord Byron ever wrote! She basically single-handedly invented sci-fi! While on a bender!

    Girl: !

    Me: As for their "friendship" with... you know what, that's a story for another day. I've already loaded you with enough information.
    • ack!! *tears hair*

      I'm so glad you enlightened her! I was just reading about how people thought Percy had written Frankenstein for the longest time. Ugh. You create a myth and still never get the recognition for it!
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