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the island of conclusions

Things I Learned on My Road Trip

the island of conclusions

bright star

Things I Learned on My Road Trip

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bright star
1. An army travels on its stomach.

2. I have been spending too much time hanging out with/ reading about/ watching boys. We went to the International Spy Museum in DC, and I was mesmerized by the WWII and Cold War undercover weaponry, like this lipstick gun:

Not to mention the flashlight gun, the umbrella gun, and a snazzy OSS issue gadget, about 4" long, that was a combined knife, cosh and garotte.


(speaking of spies, has anyone ever written a SPN or J2 AU fic about 1950s Berlin? 'Cause that would be cool: espionage, counterespionage and seduction...)
  • I *love* spies!

    Been to that spy museum too!

    When I watch SPN I am sometimes reminded of the old I-Spy tv series - and how often they had motel room scenes just like SPN does! Although the set decorators on I-Spy were a little more constrained. But I love the idea that two spies in the 1960's would share a hotel room with 2 twin beds. And there were scenes of the boys *ironing* and *shaving* and everything in I-Spy, too!

    I've read some entertaining J2 AU spy fic, but nothing from the 50's. But if you wrote one, I'd read it *g*!
    • It's a cool museum, isn't it? Reminded me of how much I like spy novels, though I haven't read one in a long time...

      You know, I haven't ever seen I-Spy...I'll have to rectify that--it sounds great!

      I would contemplate writing Cold-War-Berlin!J2, but I suck at plot. I'd have to lift a plot from somewhere...*looks around furtively for plot*
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