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the island of conclusions

An ST Reboot rec and a couple of thoughts on SPN

the island of conclusions

bright star

An ST Reboot rec and a couple of thoughts on SPN

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bright star
I admit it: I've been straying into the new STXI fanfic. I haven't wandered very far, but I did really like this story. It's been deservedly recc'd all over the place, but if you haven't seen it, give it a try, if you're reading reboot fic and don't mind Kirk/McCoy:

sealed by a fragile touch by [info - personal]classics_geek (a pretty soft R)
It's a time-dilation fic: McCoy gets caught on one side of an experiment gone wrong, and spends seven months alone on a desert planet, while only seven days pass for Kirk on the Enterprise. What happens when they are reunited? What damage has their different experience of time done to their relationship?

It's very skillfully and poignantly rendered, and you can see from the description why it made me think of SPN, which has played a couple of variations on the idea of time differential or time dilation, in it's non-scifi way: in "Mystery Spot," and in S4's revelation that Dean has lived 40 years in Hell while Sam only experienced four months on earth.

But, okay, I'll just say it, I've never read a particularly satisfying story about what the difference in lived time has meant to the Bros. Winchester. Maybe because both separations seemed to be about death, not time (again: not scifi, so there's none of that "but he's trapped on the other side of the temporal rift, Jim!" hooha to fall back on). Maybe because there hasn't been much mutual cognizance of the difference (did Sam ever tell Dean about those extra six months?).

Now, I'm one of those people who like the first half of MS much better than the second half, so there might be a great fic out there I haven't read. And I've seen several fics and metas lately that mention the now 44-year age difference between Sam and Dean, but I'm waiting for story that takes the bull by the horns, so to speak.

Got any SPN time differential recs for me?
  • I don't have any good fic recs I'm afraid but I agree that the time differential issue with regard to MS and Dean's stint in hell not being handled well by the show, in both cases the fallout kind of lacked the reality necessary to make either of those scenarios pack the emotional punch they should.

    Re: MS, it struck me once I found out that, pre-strike, the plan was for Sam to save Dean at the end of the season, that Mystery Spot was supposed to be Sam's 'grieving arc' all shoved into one ep ...and then they ended up with Sam grieving for real when they'd already used up a lot of their material in this one-off ep. I think that explains some of the weaknesses both in the follow-up and in Sam's response to Dean's death in season four.

    Re: Hell. I got nothing, that whole post-hell arc was pants. Sigh.
    • Yeah...I guess it got away from them/was too much for the show writers (along with all the other aspects of what it meant that Dean went to Hell, other than perfecting his torture techniques and, you know, unwittingly setting off the apocalypse).

      I've been trying to think of how you would turn the issue into a good story, but have come up empty. There are so many inventive writers out there, though, that I'm surprised there haven't been more fics along those lines...

      That is interesting about MS: the show shot its wad on grief-stricken!Sam in those 20 minutes, huh? I guess the only good thing you can say about the dilation of the story line is that JP did an infinitely better job with the grief and angst in 4.09 and 4.21-22 than he did in MS.

      (and there you have my unpopular opinion about SPN/SPN fandom: the reason we don't see much of Sam on his own is that JP isn't enough of an actor to carry it off (case in point, the second half of MS). However, the last couple of episodes of S4 made me revise this a bit. *g*)
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