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the island of conclusions

Drive-by quote

the island of conclusions

bright star

Drive-by quote

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bright star
From Jane Austen today, my favorite bit of life advice from any of her works:

"My beloved Laura [said Sophia]...take warning from my unhappy End and avoid the imprudent conduct which has occasioned it...Beware of fainting-fits...Though at the time they may be refreshing and Agreeable yet believe me they will in the end, if too often repeated and at improper seasons, prove destructive to your Constitution...My fate will teach you this...I die a Martyr to my grief for the loss of Augustus...One fatal swoon has cost me my Life...Beware of swoons, Dear Laura...A frenzy fit is not one quarter so pernicious; it is an exercise to the Body and if not too violent, is I dare say conducive to Health in its consequences--Run mad as often as you chuse; but do not faint--"

(from Love and Freindship [sic], 1790)
  • excellent advice!

    frenzy fit = late eighteenth century workout, obviously.

    (also: I hope that grass in your icon is not DAMP. damp is bad, as we know.)

    Edited at 2011-09-20 09:02 pm (UTC)
    • it's advice I try to live by!

      (there being no crossfit or power yoga in the eighteenth century, those girls had to do something)

      lol--it's Abbie Cornish as Fanny Brawne in Bright Star sitting in this gorgeous bluebell wood:

      it might be damp!
    • beautiful! I haven't seen that film and I really should...
      • You should! You really wouldn't think the Keats story could be so beautiful and moving without being cheesy, but it's wonderful. I loved the movie when I saw it, and I've had this icon for a while, but I've thinking I should see the movie again, since I loved Ben Whishaw so much in the The Hour.
    • Gorgeous picture, and I love the advice.
  • That's wonderful! I haven't read the miscellaneous Austen stuff yet, like the unfinished novels and early works, besides The Watsons.

    I posted about my favourite Austen quotes, both to do with books, here.
    • Glad you liked it--it really is my favorite quote--I think my other one might be the line from the beginning of Northanger Abbey: "She never could learn or understand anything before she was taught; and sometimes not even then."

      The Juvenilia is really funny, if you ever get a chance--she wrote it for her family and friends, so it seems like she's a bit freer in it, somehow.
    • seconding the Juvenilia love! also The Watsons - there's a little scene at the ball in that one which is just perfect.
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